App Development

We design and develop web-based software, mobile applications, and award-winning websites in an effective agile manner. We provide decision support for the technology stack and system architecture to ensure building a viable, scalable and adaptable product.

We love to take on projects that pose interesting and complex engineering challenges.

App Development by Web Motion


Company of experts

Our cohesive core team consists of exceptional in-house experts that have worked together for years and have delivered game-changing solutions for clients – from startups to long-established businesses.
Valuing experience and expertise over location allows us to gather international top talent that delivers the best possible results for our clients. Our distributed team works from locations across Europe and India for clients around the world. Face-to-face time is still invaluable for us – we frequently come together for team events and workshops and invite our clients to those as well.
Driving technology forward, we actively participate in research projects at universities and institutes to help create innovations. We take an active role in developing open source projects to help the software development community. This provides us with first-hand know-how, insights, and access to technologies that our clients benefit from. In our projects, we apply innovative new technologies including AI, Machine learning, Big data, IoT, and Blockchain. Take advantage of our expertise to get maximum value for your business.


What we deliver

Web app development

  • Cloud-based applications
  • SaaS applications
  • Single-page apps
  • Progressive web apps

Mobile app development

  • Android apps
  • iOS apps
  • Cross-platform apps

Custom software development

  • Software enhancement and modernization
  • Enterprise applications
  • Custom CRM systems
  • Digital transformation

Product design

  • Product strategy
  • Prototyping and wireframes
  • Product specification
  • Project scoping


Start your project with us

Fixed price

When to select

  • All requirements are pre-defined in detail
  • Clear deadline
  • Suitable for for small projects only (or MVP with short duration)

Time and materials

When to select

  • Innovative idea
  • Row project concept
  • No detailed specification
  • The workflow and the timeline may change

Dedicated team

When to select

  • Long-term strategic project
  • Long-term strategic project
  • Intention to take control
  • Business expansion plans


  • No supervision required
  • Fixed cost, no overpayments, no surprises


  • Short preparation and easy start
  • Control over the scope
  • Control over the process
  • Suitable for agile projects (scrum)
  • Flexible budget - pay-as-you-go


  • Full control
  • Straightforward, direct communication
  • Reliable fully-committed team
  • Flexible scope
  • Suitable for agile projects (scrum)
  • Best price per man-hour


  • Long preparation
  • Minor control over the process
  • Lack of communication
  • Difficult changes
  • Does not work with agile


  • Requires time for participation
  • Lower control over the budget


  • Total cost may be higher
  • Requires time for participation

Billing method

Billing is based on a pre-approved offer for the entire project.

Billing method

Flexible pay-as-you-go billing, a man-hour.

Billing method

Billing is based on a pre-approved offer for the entire project.

Get the best price per man-hour for a dedicated team!