In the development of web based software and mobile applications, we offer different models for project management and pricing:

  • Fixed price – a fixed price model suitable for projects where all requirements are pre-defined in detail. Pricing is based on a pre-approved offer for the entire project.
  • Time and materials – a pay-as-you-go model. The most appropriate is when the exact range of work is not clear or changes are expected. Pricing is a man-hour.
  • Dedicated team – A dedicated team of programmers and project manager is assigned to the client and works only on his project. It is suitable for long-term strategic IT projects. Pricing is a man-hour, according to the predicted team. The team is fully committed to the project and is therefore fully aware of the business goals and achieve maximum results. The Project Manager ensures the correct allocation of tasks within the team and compliance with agreed deadlines.

If you do not have a development and technical specification for your project, we can advise you and help you create it. The assignment and the specification are needed by our team to be able to value the project and provide an offer. Read more about the apps we develop here.

Time & materials

Dedicated team

Fixed price

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