VisagiSMile recognizes the facial type with 84% accuracy

The algorithms and the methodology used in the development of the innovative software for digital smile design VisagiSMile were the main topic in the presentation of Boyan Yankov during the scientific conference CompSysTech’16. It was held on 24 and 25 June 2016 in Palermo, Italy, where IT professionals from over 30 countries took part.


Our presentation was included in the “Artificial Intelligence in medicine and healthcare” panel, after the approval of the scientific article “Software Application for Smile Design Automation Using the Visagism Theory”, prepared by Boyan in collaboration with the other members of VisagiSMile team. Along with the other scientific works presented during the conference, the article will be published by the prestigious organization for computing technology ACM (ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY) Inc. N.Y. Thus it will be a part of the largest databases of scientific papers in the world – SCOPUS – as one of the innovations in the field of software technologies.

VisagiSMile is a web application for digital smile design, helping dentists to build a harmonious tooth configuration, corresponding to the facial features and temperament of the patient. One of the main innovations in the software is the algorithm that classifies the facial type of the person with more than 84% accuracy. The accuracy of is about to increase with the introduction of new clinical cases, as the calculation is done by a self-learning algorithm, which is designed to improve constantly the process of classification. For programming algorithm for recognizing the type of person we used classification models derived by data mining. The models are implemented in the software with ​the ​PHP and JavaScript programming languages.





“We are extremely happy that we have developed a software that was recently awarded as the top 3 dental innovation in Europe and now it has received recognition in the IT field” – said Boyan. “We’ve come a long way before the presentation of VisagiSMile in Palermo. Reconsidering the concept together with the dentists, the development of the technical specifications, the creation of the mathematical models, programming the software and the design of the user interface were the main focus of our team’s work for a year and a half. In parallel with the development, we conducted a number of scientific studies that proved the credibility of the theory of Visagism. In this sense, the ACM publication is a valuable recognition for the software.” – he added.

The dental software VisagiSMile was launched in October last year and is already used by nearly 2,000 users. Behind its development is a team of eminent dentists from Brazil, Turkey and Bulgaria that, in cooperation with Web Motion, has created an automated solution for the design of smiles, which so far is unique in the dental field. Our team continues to develop new features for the web application that will make it even more useful for the patients and the dental professionals.

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The news about the award were published by the Bulgarian media.

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