About Us

WebMotion is a full service digital agency specializing in social media marketing & strategy, innovative web applications, web design and development. We work with companies in the field of medicine, education, commerce and others. We build deep trust based partnerships with our clients, which often endure over years.
Our team collaborates with yours to create innovative software that will transform your business.


Изградени уеб проекти

Awards for web design and innovations

Awards for web design and innovations:

4 awards from the competition “Annual awards from B2B Media”:

  • 1st award for “Innovative idea of the year” 2016
  • 2nd award for “Technological innovation of the year” 2016
  • 1st award for “Most innovative startup company” 2017
  • 2nd award for “Business debut of the year” 2017

9 awards for web design from the competition Computer space – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 y., from which 3 are 1st place


Web Motion Ltd. is a full member of the Confindustria Bulgaria (Association of the Italian Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria).

Association of the Italian Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria


We have deep experience in applying new technologies fast. We build our professional qualifications with self-studies, courses and certificates but mostly – with taking the challenge to experiment with new ideas.