CPAP Bulgaria – web app for treatment with CPAP machines

A website of CPAP Bulgaria and a medical software which allows doctors and people suffering from sleep apnea to monitor the course of their therapy from their computer or mobile phone.

The web application that we have created for CPAP Bulgaria is a medical software that allows doctors and people suffering from sleep apnea to monitor the course of their therapy via computer or mobile phone. It was important to us to facilitate medical consultants and patients’s access to the necessary information and to assist the communication between doctor and treated person.

CPAP Bulgaria is one of the leading equipment distributors of the German company WEINMANN – the world leader in respiratory therapy. Besides technological solutions, the web site offers free consultations by medical specialists who are tracking a recommended treatment.

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With this testimonial we would like to express our satisfaction with the professionalism, creativity and innovative approach of Web Motion Ltd.

Web Motion has developed a quality and timely website with an elegant vision and functionality for e-commerce and online payments – http://cpap-bulgaria.com/. The responsive and highly qualified team of the company supported us in the whole process from building a marketing strategy to creating a website to make it easier for patients with sleep apnea and respiratory problems to contact doctors from all over the country, choose the right device and track the results. its therapy. The website is a continuation of our previous successful project with Web Motion – the development of an innovative web application for tracking the results of patients with respiratory therapy, which we have successfully integrated into the new website. Satisfied with our joint work, we will count on their cooperation in the future!

We recommend Web Motion as a trustworthy partner with many years of expertise in the development of websites, online stores and innovative online platforms for medicine and healthcare.

Dr. Petar Petrov, Sleep & Health Ltd