Rebel Simplicity – dental software for 3D mock-up

Rebel Simplicity is a dental software, which is available to dentists as a web app and as an Android mobile app.

Rebel Simplicity helps dentists create personalized smile designs according to the patient’s facial type and personality. The generated designs are exported as 3D printable mock-ups.

Rebel Simplicity has been successfully applied in thousands of clinical cases, has received dental innovation awards, and has a registered patent.


With this testimonial we would like to express our satisfaction with the joint work with Web Motion on the development of software and mobile applications in the field of dental medicine and healthcare. Over the past few years Web Motion has established itself as our trusted technology partner for software development, mobile applications and websites.

At the beginning of 2019, we assigned to Web Motion another project – the development of a digital platform for dental medicine Rebel Simplicity – https://rebel.dental/, consisting of web-based software, website and mobile applications for creating 3D dental models for smile design. This is an innovative dental concept without analogue in the world, which required preliminary research (R&D) and integration of emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, 2D and 3D graphics and generation of models for 3D printing. The highly qualified team of the company completed the project with quality and on time, together with all specific requirements. Their help in building the mathematical logic of the product and in defining the business model was indispensable. Thus, within 11 months we created and patented one of the most innovative dental platforms in the world – Rebel Simplicity. In the process of implementation the team demonstrates a pro-active approach, innovative thinking and high professionalism.

We recommend Web Motion as a reliable technology partner in the development of innovative software products with the most advanced technologies.

Georgi Iliev, DMD, Director of VisagiSMile
JavaScript, Vue.js, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Mobile App, Microsoft Azure