Supply Chain Management System for Agritech

Development of supply chain management for a company in agriculture.

We have started the project by doing the product design and prototyping of the system. We have developed web, Android, and iOS apps to make it easily accessible for users. It includes inventory management with QR codes and printable label generation.


Web Motion has earned our trust with their strongest motivation among all competitors. With their easy to start product design process, we have quickly aligned the objectives between the stakeholders and prepared the project scope in a co-creative manner. During these product design workshops, we were able to get to know the team and to build trust before finally assigning the software development.

Web Motion has fulfilled the assignment and has delivered the application with high quality and on time. The feedback received from the investor and the first users was entirely positive. Currently, the project is in a process of adoption, in which Web Motion is supporting us.

The projects Web Motion has completed so far are very impressive. In the process of developing our project we have had excellent communication throughout, they were adequately swift in their reaction to some challenges, and tasks outside the initial assignment They were responsive in dealing with problems that appeared in the way and that were not included in the contract with the investor.

I am very pleased by our collaboration with Web Motion and would choose them again for an appropriate project. The investor is also satisfied and is relying on them for further consultancy about the project adoption. I recommend they keep their enthusiasm and high standards.

Nikolai Kamov, Managing Partner at Nextdoor ltd
Vue.js, JavaScript, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Android Studio, Xcode, Amazon Web Services
Agritech company