Development of web application for smile design

VisagiSmile is a web-based dental software for personalized smile design. The product aims to assist dentists in the creation of harmonious teeth configuration according to petient’s facial shape and personality. The software is based on innovative scientific theory validated in over 800 clinical cases over the last eight years. Behind the theory stands an international team of experts in aesthetic dentistry, including the president of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.

The innovative features of VisagiSMile have been awarded in a number of competitions and scientific works such as:
• „Innovative Idea of the Year“ – Annual Awards of B2B MEDIA, 2016
• „Technology Innovation of the Year“ – Annual Awards of B2B MEDIA, 2016
• Top 3 Dental Innovation in Europe – Competition of the European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, 2016
• Nomination for „Innovative Project“ – „Bulgarian Web Awards“ contest, Bulgarian Web Association, 2015

VisagiSmile | Естетична дентална медицина | Уеб приложения | 2015

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Adding a clinical case

The dentist starts working on the clinical case by shooting a photo of the patient’s face and by calibrating it.

Face map and face type

On the calibrated image, the dentist marks the so called facial map that defines the facial features. VisagiSMile can also automatically find the facial map using a face recognition algorithm. Based on the map, VisagiSMile is able to automatically determine the type of person’s face: strong, dynamic, delicate or calm. The software algorithm is improving itselft when adding new clinical cases.


Temperament and preferences of the patient

The patient is given a short psychological test which helps VisagiSMile determine his or her temperament. The patient can choose shape, color and texture of the teeth, and other design parameters of their smile.


Design of teeth configuration

Based on the face shape, temperament and individual preferences of the patient, VisagiSMile creates and displays corresponding harmonious design of a teeth configuration. The dentist adapts the design on a photograph of the patient’s teeth and the parameters of each tooth can be set individually. The patient sees how their smile will look like after the treatment. The drawing created by VisagiSMile is sent to a dental laboratory for making an aesthetic product.

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