VisagiSMile, the software for smile design that our team has developed, won a prize in the prestigious competition “1st Innovation Award”, organized by the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED). Thus, it is ranked as one of the most important dental innovations of the year. The 30th annual meeting of EAED, which traditionally represents innovative approaches in aesthetic dentistry, was held in Copenhagen between the 2nd and 4th of June.

This year the meeting was attended by Bulgarian speakers – Dr. Georgi Iliev and Dr. Dimitar Filtchev, specialists from the team of VisagiSMile. They presented our joint project VisagiSMile – the innovative software for automated smile design.

The application is based on a dental concept, which was built eight years and has been validated in over 800 clinical cases and several scientific articles. We were able to release our ambitious software project only for a year, thanks to our efficient cooperation with the dental visagism specialists – Dr. Galip Gürel (Turkey), Dr. Braulio Paolucci (Brazil), Dr. Georgi Iliev (Bulgaria), Dr. Dimitar Filtchev (Bulgaria) and Schneider Adriano (Brazil).

Dr. Georgi Iliev and Dr. Dimitar Filtchev at the 30th EAED Meeting in Copenhagen
Dr. Georgi Iliev and Dr. Dimitar Filtchev at the 30th EAED Meeting in Copenhagen

The software examines the relationship between the temperament, the facial features, and the harmonious tooth configuration of the patient to achieve satisfactory results. Working with VisagiSMile is extremely easy – the process is automated, the mistakes made by the lack of experience or because of the differences in aesthetic views of the dentist and the patient are minimized.

VisagiSMile, which has already been recognized by international congresses, was officially launched during Sofia Dental Meeting in November last year. Its innovative technology and the methodology of its development are to be presented by our technical manager Boyan Yankov during the scientific conference on computer technology CompSysTech, which will be held on 24 and 25 June 2016 in Palermo, Italy. The invitation to the conference comes after the approval of the scientific paper for automated smile design, authored by Boyan Yankov et al.

The news about the award has been published in Bulgarian and international media, including