We have won 2 awards on the annual awards of b2b media: first place in the category “Innovative Idea of the Year” and second place for “Technological Innovation of the Year”. The competition for the B2B Media Business Swards honored the most innovative companies in Bulgaria at a ceremony on July 13, attended by representatives of business, media, and the local government.

technology Innovation Awards
Iva Misheva and Boyan Yankov with the b2b Media award.
Innovative Dental Software Awards

The project which we have presented – VisagiSMile is software for smile design developed by Web Motion. It impressed the jury with its innovative features in several aspects:

  • Innovative scientific concept (Dental Visagism), which explains the relationship between the facial features, the patient’s temperament, and harmonious teeth configuration
  • Technological innovations in its development, such as the self-learning algorithm which recognizes the type of face; the automatic recognition of the facial map of the patient, or the innovative functionality for visualization of the tooth configuration in the browser window, compatible with all desktop and mobile devices in horizontal and vertical screen orientation; etc.
  • The software is a valuable innovation for patients who are able to participate in the design of their smiles and to be pleased with their new vision before undergoing dental interventions.
  • design of teeth configuration, minimizing the risk of the human factor. Additionally, the product makes it possible to integrate into their clinical practice the principles of Visagism which are normally available only to the most qualified specialists.

Visagismile represents a global innovation that has no analog in the field of aesthetic dentistry. A month ago, the web application was awarded the prize of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. And in June the software was presented during the CompSysTech scientific conference in Palermo.

The two awards from the contest of b2b Media are very valuable to our team, as they affirm our commitment to creating innovative and advanced solutions. Furthermore, they show that the software is interesting not only for the dentists but is also appreciated as a useful innovation for society.

VisagiSMile has been one of our long-term projects lately, but along with developing websites and marketing campaigns for various clients, our team has created several other web applications in the field of medicine and business.

If you have an idea for developing web-based software, do not hesitate to contact us at office@webmotion.bg.