Here at Web Motion, we’re always ready for a challenge. Since our inception in 2009, we’ve taken on various projects spanning web development to machine learning. We deliver nothing but the best solutions for our clients. We innovate ideas and build user-centric solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. Because of our hard work for our clients, we’ve earned distinctions from various institutions and award-giving bodies.

Today, we’re celebrating a new recognition and adding it to our record. During the esteemed The Manifest Company Awards, Web Motion was officially named as one of the best recommended and reviewed B2B leaders in Bulgaria!

Web Motion is among the most reviewed software companies in Bulgaria

According to the platform’s report, our team is among the leaders in various industries like consumer mobile apps, AngularJS, PHP, Google App Engine, software development, iPhone app development, web development, WordPress development, and mobile app development for 2022!

“We are very happy to be recognized by The Manifest as a top recommended Bulgarian provider of stellar solutions for 2022!”

Chief Executive Officer of Web Motion

This is huge news for us! When we started Web Motion over 12 years ago, we knew there would be a ton of challenges ahead. We kept our heads down and worked hard to earn the trust of our beloved clients. It’s been a massive privilege for us to work with amazing clients like JP International Training Ltd, Business Management Systems Ltd., and Arma-Bg OOD. Their support is what helped us unlock this milestone from The Manifest, a company list resource from Washington DC.

The platform’s most reviewed company awards spotlight the superb relationships shared by service providers and their clients. The awardees were determined based on the highest number of stellar recommendations and testimonials they’ve earned over the past twelve months.

We owe this moment to all of our incredible clients. Thank you so much to everyone who stood by Web Motion! We are excited to conquer more milestones with you in the future.

Move forward with Web Motion. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you.